Travel Entrepreneur Profile: Dr. Tara Lalvani and Beautifect

Travel Entrepreneur Profile: Dr. Tara Lalvani and Beautifect

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During the last two decades of traveling, if there was one thing I wish I had, it was a perfectly designed makeup case that allowed me to get ready no matter where I was. Whether in a tiny airplane bathroom, on a moving train or in a dimly lit hotel room, putting on makeup was always a balancing act, contending with poor lighting. But those times are over. The sleek and gorgeous Beautifect makeup box, created by UK-based travel entrepreneur Dr. Tara Lalvani, is a one-of-a-kind makeup hard case that is revolutionizing how we get ready. Equipped with advanced leading light technology and a smart storage system, the case provides a first-class, spa-like experience, both on the road and at home.

All photos courtesy of Dr. Tara Lalvani and Beautifect.

The idea for the award-winning Beautifect Box was born in 2017 when Lalvani's children were young. She found it inconvenient to leave her family in a different room to be stuck at a vanity table where the lighting was poor and her makeup was disorganized in various cosmetic bags. This made her question why we have been doing makeup the same way for generations. Enter the Beautifect Box, which took the entrepreneur three years to turn from a drawing on paper to introducing it to the market. “It is the ultimate portable vanity table and a perfect companion for traveling,” she says proudly.

Dr. Tara Lalvani

Dr. Lalvani with the Beautifect Box, a portable vanity and perfect travel companion.

Beautifect is a rechargeable, cordless makeup container with five simulated lighting environments and three brightness settings with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of above 90. Lighting environments include daylight, evening light, bright sun, photo light, and office light. “Poor lighting, badly placed vanity tables and steamy bathroom mirrors are no longer an issue with the Beautifect Box,” Lalvani shares. “You can get ready from your balcony, taking in incredible views and enjoying fresh air or in the comfort of getting ready from the bed; the possibilities are endless.” A quick overnight charge typically lasts up to one month of usage.

Traveling? Get ready from your balcony while taking in incredible views.

The torque hinge system allows you to adjust the angle of the mirror so you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Additionally, the Box comes with a 5x magnifying, fully wipeable mirror that magnetically attaches to the distortion-free primary mirror for fine-tuning your makeup or tweezing your brows. All this means no more bending over the hotel bathroom sink to get closer to the mirror or desperately searching for your tiny compact mirror in your backpack when needed. 

Lalvani worked for more than a decade as a dental surgeon in London. This extensive experience informed the Beautifect Box's immaculate design, lighting and storage solutions. “In dentistry, precision and accuracy are key. To deliver this, I required the perfect lighting environment combined with the correct set of tools (makeup tools and brushes), the layout of a dental tray, and the order in which the tools would be used,” she states.

Dr. Lalvani's work as a London dental surgeon habituated her to a perfect lighting environment and a tray of precision tools.

The Beautifect Box is arranged into compartments in varying sizes to allow users to categorize makeup neatly for easy and efficient access. “This means getting ready in half the time, with half the effort and looking twice as good,” said the travel entrepreneur. The dedicated brush and pencil storage ensure they are easy to find and well protected on the go or at home. A special space for eye and lip pencils allows the user to find the perfect shade for an event. Lalvani likes to pack her Beautifect Box into categories, such as complexion, eyes, lips, and tools, so she can do her makeup on autopilot rather than rummaging around a cosmetic bag to locate the right item.

The Beautifect Box is made from a durable molded acrylic polymer, making it not only aesthetically beautiful but also very durable, able to withstand any bumps and drops while traveling and lasting for years. “Once you have experienced it, you would not want to live without it.” You can also choose the Box in three colors- nude, gold, and matte black- to match your luggage or bathroom decor. 

The multi-functional Beautifect Box doesn’t just allow for storing and transporting your everyday makeup; it provides customization to each individual. If self-care is more of a priority than makeup, the Box still delivers. Lalvani has a dedicated Beautifect Box packed with her skincare items, such as masks, cuticle cream, and tweezers, so she can commit and stick to her routine, ensuring she has a luxury spa feeling even while catching up on her favorite Netflix series or from the comfort of a hotel bed. 

The Beautifect Box is made from a durable molded acrylic polymer, making it not only aesthetically beautiful but also very durable.

The Beautifect Box now offers best-in-class accessories and a tool range, including luxury brushes for the face and eyes, a vegan leather vanity bag, pouch, tweezers, a pod with blender, a quality crystal nail file, and a spa headband, among others. Lalvani spent years perfecting these products, ensuring one standout brand offered it all. After all, we all deserve it. 

Applying makeup is part of everyday life for many across the globe. The Beautifect Box ensures that we can find enjoyment and fulfillment in it. “Beautifect helps make this part of your day seamless, allowing you to do your makeup anytime, anywhere intuitively.” Makeup makes Lalvani feel ready and empowered to take on the day ahead - whether that be a day of meetings, travel, an event, or on the school run.

The Beautifect Box will be a must-pack item from now on!


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