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New Product Showcase Event (Only for Retailers and Press)

Wednesday, 3/13, 8am-10am


Wednesday, 3/13, 10am-5pm

Thursday, 3/14, 9am-5pm

Friday, 3/15, 9am-1pm

Agenda and Schedule

Wednesday, March 13, 2024
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Friday, March 15, 2024
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The Must Attend Event For Travel Industry Thought Leaders

NEW IN 2024

Influencer Events

Over 150 Travel Influencers, Podcasters, YouTubers, and Social Media Professionals will be at the 2024 Show to help brands maximize their reach.

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NEW IN 2024

Retail Buyer Events

These intimate settings allow for in-depth conversations, relationship building, and the chance to showcase your products directly to key decision-makers.


Value. Connections. Purpose.

The TGA has always stood as a collective force greater than any one individual or group.

Our Association and the Travel Goods Show embody the essence of the entire travel industry – a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem that touches the lives of millions.

At the heart of our journey lies the belief that travel touches nearly 1 out of 10 occupations worldwide. This profound influence underscores the critical importance of revitalizing and scaling our Association to serve as a beacon of unity and progress for the entire industry.

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New in 2024

Product Showcase

Pre-Show Preview!!! This showcase is the perfect platform for exhibitors to unveil their latest creations and gain maximum exposure among industry experts, media personnel, and influential thought leaders.

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Doing Our Part

Sustainability. Eco-Friendly. Socially Responsible.

The 2024 Travel Goods Show will be held at the newly constructed Expo at World Market Center. We’ve handpicked The Expo at World Center Market (WMCLV) as the sensational stage for this year's show, and it's a sustainability marvel from start to finish! The Expo @ WMCLV has been leading the charge with an awe-inspiring 96.91% of construction debris being recycled, and guess what? They've transformed a whopping 11,000 tons of existing asphalt into the very fabric of the center's stunning design. But it doesn't stop there—The Expo @ WMCLV proudly flaunts its prestigious Green Globes certification, showcasing our shared dedication to energy conservation, lowered water consumption, and the responsible use of materials.

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Unlocking Opportunities: A Preview of Attendees at the Travel Goods Show 2024

As the anticipation builds for the Travel Goods Show 2024, exhibitors are gearing up to showcase their latest innovations and connect with a diverse array of attendees. From industry titans...

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Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Launches the Avalon Collection Designed with rPET Recycled Plastics

Committed to Transforming Waste into Sustainable Materials for a Reduced Carbon Footprint in the Travel Category  February 1st, 2024, Kent, WA—   Ricardo Beverly Hills, the Washington-based global luggage and...

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