TGA Podcast

The Travel Goods Association recognizes the shifting landscape of consumer trends, particularly the growing influence of social media influencers and online platforms. In our ongoing commitment to delivering value to our esteemed members, we are excited to introduce two innovative initiatives:

  1. TGA-Hosted Podcast

  2. Partnerships with Travel Podcasters


TGA-Hosted Podcast: Get ready for an exclusive podcast curated and hosted by TGA. This podcast will serve as a dynamic platform to spotlight the Travel Goods Industry, featuring thought leaders from the travel sector, influential voices, and in-depth discussions about industry trends.

The TGA podcast will debut at the 2024 Travel Goods Show.


If you're intersted in participating in the TGA Podcast, please submit an application below.



Partnerships with Travel Podcasters: We're teaming up with prominent travel-related podcasters who boast dedicated and engaged audiences. Through these collaborations, we'll provide them with access to our extensive network of TGA members, along with a plethora of exciting benefits designed to elevate your brand and make a meaningful impact in this evolving market.


These disruptive offerings aim to not only promote your brand but also create lasting connections in the ever-evolving landscape of the travel industry. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to redefine your presence and influence in the digital realm.