2024 Travel Goods Show News and Reviews

2024 Travel Goods Show News and Reviews

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Looking for news and reviews from the 2024 Travel Goods Show? This year's Show was an exhilarating experience, full of new products, ideas, panels, and networking events. If you attended and are wondering if you saw everything — or missed this year and are trying to catch up with all the gear and trends, here's a selection of articles and posts from the Travel Goods Show.

If you can't get enough insider pics from the tradeshow floor, show panelist Sharael Kolberg of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) posted her "Top Travel Gear Brands," including her own photos of intriguing new products.

For traveling in style, Sharael discovered Triforce Luggage's beauty cases, Rains waterproof bags and outerwear, packable Getaway Hats, customizable ROAM Luggage, and PAUME skincare.

Triforce Luggage

Sharael's list of socially responsible brands: LifeStraw water filters, Save the Girls touch screen purses, Aruna Project bags, Briggs & Riley luggage, Aleon aluminum luggage,  Osprey Packs,  Monarc bags,  and WMP Eyewear,  all of which are either built around sustainable manufacturing practices or donations towards social or environmental causes, or both.

For travel nourishment and inspiration, Sharael found Naturally Delicious healthy baked goods as well as the Wanderful woman’s travel community. "Join this community of women who love to travel – created by founder Beth Santos," enthused Sharael, "and read her new book “Wander Woman” for inspiration."

In the technology and innovation category, Sharael was impressed by Raycon tech accessories, Pack All travel accessories, Kytin Parasole recovery socks, NOVO Smart Bag with its built-in clothing refresh system, Pursesuitz pocketwear, rideable luggage from ModobagRollink collapsible luggage, and ultra functional NOMATIC bags.

Nomatic booth

The Washington Post spent a day scouring the Show for new and innovative gear. Read the WP round-up by Travel Reporter Andrea Sachs, titled "13 New and Weird Travel Gadgets We Actually Want to Try."

On Andrea's list: the 5-bags-in-one Journey System by Idea Mountain, plus clever and convenient luggage by Props Luggage with a built-in luggage rack, and EasyPack Luggage with built-in shelving.

The adorable Kiddietotes scooter luggage also made Andrea's lucky 13, as well as the Karout Musical PillowHydaway collapsible bottles and insulated bowls, and the Alpaka Bravo Sling Mini Waterproof sling bag.

Andrea also mentioned LiteGear's Kompressor Poncho, Kytin Parasole nylon and merino wool slip-on airport footwear that fits like an athletic sock but walks like a shoe, the Klean Freak Body Wipe flushable wipes, and the practical and socially responsible LifeStraw water filter.

Andrea also included what she called the "wackiest products" that she absolutely loved. "I doubted the practicality of this product until I tested it myself," wrote Andrea of the RetraStrap hands-free luggage strap. "I draped the adjustable strap over my chest like a beauty pageant sash and started walking. I barely noticed the suitcase tailing me, even when I took a sharp turn. With my free hands, I could hold a coffee and a phone, or record myself waving at baffled passersby."

Andrea's other "wacky" favorite is a polyester band that allows passengers to relax their arms without invading personal space. "When I tried the Armbie, I felt as cozy as a swaddled baby," said Andrea.

Travel influencer and content creator Ariele Rachel shared her experiences as a Travel Goods Show panelist in "My Review of The 2024 Travel Goods Association Trade Show In Las Vegas" on msn.com. Ariele gave a shout-out to the woman-owned travel goods businesses she discovered at the Travel Goods Show. Her favorites include Save The Girls, a phone holder brand that gives 10% percent of profits to breast cancer research, Yogo sustainable portable yoga mats, and Ms Jet Setter. Ariele enthused "I love Ms Jet Setter’s travel Jewlery Bag – no more tangled necklaces after you travel!"

Lark Ellen Gould's Travel Pulse article, "The Latest in Go Gear From the 2024 Travel Goods Show" was published by Tribune News Service and picked up by news outlets nationwide (including The Columbian The Epoch Times, Daily Press, and The Sun) 

Lark is a fan of the Briggs & Riley Baseline Essential 22-inch Carry-On Spinner (also a TGA Award-winner), and was intrigued by the new Cabeau seat cushion, debuting this month. Like Andrea, Lark is also a fan of the Kytin sock/slippers, and she was impressed by the clever convertible Hillside "bagpacks" as well as the whole Nomatic collection, especially the new Outset Jacket.

Lark included her "Top Five Travel Products to Buy Just for the Quirk of It:" Modobag riding luggage (also reviewed by TGA Magazine), Armbie arm support, the Flypod in-flight sleeping bag, Lightload ultra-compressed tea and towels, and RestAngles folding footrest.

Beth Santos from the Wanderful Blog attended the Travel Goods Show with her team and posted "5 Women-Owned Travel Products that Will Knock Your Socks Off." Wanderful's picks include Ms. Jetsetter eco travel bottles, and laundry bags, plus Paume moisturizing and eco-friendly hand sanitizers, and Kreya's luxurious convertible backpack/totes, a South Asian-, Woman-, and Sikh-owned business founded by Kulveen Sarna.

Show panel moderator and travel journalist Troy Petenbrink stopped by Fox 5 Las Vegas for a segment titled "New Travel Products."

Troy's picks include Easypack LuggageEpicka Universal Travel Adapters, the charming Wolf Essentials animal-shaped children's neck pillows, and Ms. Jetsetter's travel makeup bags.

Once he returned home to DC, Troy visited Fox 5 DC to present "New Travel Trends and Gear" during their Travel Tuesday news segment. Troy demonstrated Easypack Luggage with shelves, Wolf Essentials animal-shaped children's neck pillows, Epicka Universal Travel Adapters, and Ms. Jetsetter's travel makeup bags with their included travel-size brushes. Troy closed the segment with The Journey, Idea Mountain's 5-in-1 modular backpack system.

Fresh from the Travel Goods Show, TV travel personality and travel journalist Dawn McCarthy shared "Spring and Earth Friendly Products" on Fox 13's The Place - Utah. Dawn recommended Serenity Organizers and Kiddietotes scooter luggage, both found at the Travel Goods Show.

Watch this space for more Travel Goods Show reviews, and let us know what we missed! If we didn't include your product round-up or post-Show review, email sara@travel-goods.org.

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