Small Travel Gifts —  Big Impact

Small Travel Gifts — Big Impact

Sheila Moon Sheila Moon
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Shopping for small travel gifts with a big impact? It's hard enough to find the perfect show-stopping gift for your family and closest friends, but what about stocking stuffers, Hanukkah shopping (eight nights of presents per person!), holiday party gift exchanges, budget-friendly items, or easy-to-ship gifts for far-away family and friends? Following is a list of some interesting and inventive items that are guaranteed to make anyone’s life a little bit sweeter, and your shopping challenges a whole lot easier.

The Zoku Pocket Utensil Set is a nifty, self-contained set of personal utensils. Rather than adding to the growing mountain of plastic waste, your loved one can carry their own reusable utensils wherever they go! $15.99

Zoku Pocket Utensil Set

Go Travel Carry Clips are small travel gifts with a big impact. Keep track of easily lost items such as jackets, umbrellas, or shopping bags. The strong carabiner attaches securely to any bag and the snap buckle allows quick and easy access. $9.99

Go Travel Carry Clip

The exploding lotion bottle is the nightmare of every traveler. Thanks to the Ries Essential refillable travel bottles, you can travel secure in the knowledge that your toiletries will arrive safely contained. $15.00 – 18.00

Ries Essential

Sometimes our hands are too full, whether holding a child, a cup of coffee and breakfast burrito, or a phone steering us to our desired location. The RetraStrap retractable luggage strap attaches to your luggage handle and crosses your body for hands-free portage. It's the perfect travel gift for anyone who ever wished they had a third, or fourth hand. $34.00


For your fashionista friend afraid of leaving their favorite hat on a café or taxi seat, the TOPTOTE Hat Clip offers beautiful and well-crafted clips that charmingly display and magnetically secure their hat to their bag. They'll stroll the streets of Paris or the shores of the Caribbean secure that their favorite straw hat or wide-brimmed felt fedora won’t go flying off – never to be seen again. $48.00 – 79.00


Safety is of the utmost concern for women and children when traveling, or walking the streets after dark. The Birdie personal alarm is a great alternative to pepper spray or tasers (which are illegal in many states and countries). Small enough to stow in a pocket, this incredibly loud alarm plus flashing strobe light will deter a would-be attacker. $29.95


Driving while talking on the phone is now illegal in many countries around the world, but sometimes we need to make an important call or have our map application easily accessible so we can get to our next appointment. The Perilogic Universal MagSafe Car Phone Mount attaches to the interior of most cars, ensuring your friend or family member will have hands-free, legal access to their phone. $29.99

Perilogic Universal MagSafe Car Phone Mount

If a loved one suffers from migraines or other debilitating headaches, consider the gift of a Migrastil Migraine Stick. Roll on pure peppermint, spearmint and lavender essential oils for cooling relief when they need it most. $12.95

Migrastil Migraine Stick

The Talus Smooth Trip International Adapter Cube does sextuple duty. Equipped with three retractable plugs that adapt to five different plug configurations (North and South American grounded and ungrounded, EU ungrounded, UK ungrounded, Australia ungrounded) plus dual USB ports, this charger has you covered. Your globe-trotting gift recipient can confidently travel the world, knowing they'll be able to plug in and call home. $21.99

 Talus Smooth Trip International Adapter CubeTalus Smooth Trip Travel Adapter Cube with USB Chargers

For those tired of looking like a kid in a highchair (I’m having visions of my incredible shrinking Grandma Marge), RestAngles Portable Foot Rest brings the floor to you, rather than leaving your feet hanging in space. This lightweight foot rest folds flat so your height-challenged loved one can easily take it everywhere they go. $49.99 – 54.99

RestAngles Portable Foot Rest

The Witz Sportcases waterproof carrying box is great for anyone who wants to keep money, ID, keys, and other essential items dry and safe. Whether you are kayaking a river or walking your dog in the rain, this waterproof case attaches to any loop with a carabiner or around your neck for quick and easy access. $8.50


Fashionit Type Keyboard is an amazing gift for people who travel with tablets and smart phones and occasionally need a full-size keyboard. The nifty Bluetooth-enabled keyboard folds down to just 5.8″x3.3″x0.5″ tucking easily into a crossbody fanny pack. $59.99

Fashionit Type Keyboard

The Ms. Jetsetter Tech Organizer is both stylish and affordable. With multiple compartments you can keep all those pesky tech bits and bobs neatly organized and free from tangles. This great product keeps everything safe, secure, and organized. $21.99

Ms. Jetsetter Tech OrganizerMs. Jetsetter Tech Organizer

Checking-out on an airplane is a challenge. The Dēp Slēp Sleep Hoodie is the perfect snuggly solution. Made of sweat-wicking fabric which keeps the body cool, the breathable hood muffles sounds and the integrated sleep mask blocks light, facilitating sleep on long-haul flights. $99.00

Dep Slep Hoodie

Nobody likes lost luggage – ever. The Retreev SMART Tag is a reliable and inexpensive method of keeping tabs on luggage. Additionally, they come in 24 fun designs so you can find one that fits the personality of your gift givee, and sets their luggage apart on the carousel. $17.00 each

Retreev SMART Tag


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