Holiday Gifts for the Business Traveler

Holiday Gifts for the Business Traveler

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Shopping for holiday gifts for the business traveler? We've got you covered! Business travel is back, often in combination with a few days of vacation. And remote work (sometimes from a gorgeous destination) is here to stay. These trailblazing travel products offer great business + pleasure travel solutions!

One of the most crucial ingredients of combining work with play is the ability to keep all one’s devices charged. Charging technology is charging forward with both solar- and electric-based chargers. Weighing in at less than 1.5 pounds, and about 6” x 2” x 2”, the Ankar 737 Power Bank is a powerful little device that can charge three devices at once, including phones, laptops, tablets, and earbuds. $139.00

Ankar 737 Power Bank

Does your loved one sneak adventure into their work trips? For occasions when electrical outlets are few and far between, but they still need to make that Zoom call, the Big Blue Solar-Powa 28 utilizes the power of the sun to keep their devices fully charged and ready to roll. When folded this unit weighs just over one pound and is smaller than the September issue of Vogue Magazine. This unit also has three ports and will charge devices in both direct and indirect sunlight. $79.99

Big Blue SolarPowa 28

These days, being out of internet range for even one hot second is just not acceptable. Simo Solis Lite is a personal 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot that is available internationally as well as in the USA. One can attach 10 devices and get internet service in 135 countries. This unit is available with an optional power bank. At approximately 6” square and 10.5 ounces you can slip it into your computer bag and be ready for anything. $119.95 + data plans $159.94, includes the Lifetime Data* plan (a minimum of 1GB of global data every month split by 250MB per week)

Simo Solis Lite

When traveling for business, arriving in style is guaranteed to impress. These two great bags are sure to make a bold and successful statement. The Rollink Flex 360° spinner suitcase has a durable and lightweight polycarbonate hard shell and comes in four sizes and eight classy colors. The four-wheel spinner offers ease and maneuverability in hectic airports. When not in use the suitcase folds down to just five inches, saving precious closet space. $249.00 – 349.00

Rollink Flex 360 Spinner

The Mancini Leather Buffalo Double Compartment Duffle is a classy carry-on for a multi-day conference. The coolest thing about this bag, beyond the luscious buffalo leather, is the zippered lower compartment which keeps clean and pressed business attire looking sharp. The spacious duffle compartment has plenty of space for play clothes, a padded compartment to protect tech devices, and a small inside zippered pocket for those easy-to-lose small items. $474.00

Buffalo Double Compartment Duffle

Perfect for the workaholic who spends an inordinate amount waiting in airports, train stations, or hotel lobbies, the Props Luggage system is a nifty suitcase that transforms into a portable work station with telescopic legs that tuck securely into the back of the case. This case has dual-spinner wheels, an interior compression packing system, an expansion zipper that expands and contracts to fit the contents, and much more. $349.99 

Props Luggage

The Émigré Garment Organizer, a streamlined “packing cube” alternative, is the perfect complement to any piece of luggage. It keeps clothes organized, crisp, and clean; has smart compartments for clean and used items; and comes with a rigid plate compression system that helps with proper folding and keeping shirts flat and crease-free. The organizer accommodates up to three days of business clothing. $170.00

Emigre Garment Organizer

Security concerns? Your gift recipient can protect their valuables with the Gego Luggage Tracker. This tracker truly goes one step beyond, offering fully autonomous worldwide GPS + GPM coverage. The unit is rechargeable and does not require an internet connection. Most importantly, Gego provides 24/7 customer service and a $1,000 payment if a lost item isn’t found within 96 hours. This tracker will protect anything you love – luggage, people, vehicles, and other valuables. $89.99, service plan: $167.40/annually or $19.95 /month

Gego Luggage Tracker

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