Pitch Event

We're thrilled to introduce a dynamic opportunity for exhibitors to connect with influential podcasters with BIG FOLLOWING who wield tremendous influence about consumer behavior.

The Influencer Pitch Event offers exhibitors a direct line to influential content creators, insights into creative collaboration possibilities, and an efficient decision-making process. This event empowers you to identify and initiate partnerships with influencers whose ideas and values resonate with your brand, ultimately leading to authentic and effective influencer campaigns that boost your brand's visibility and credibility in the travel goods industry.

If you have any interest in participating in the Pitch Event at the 2024 Show, please submit an application here.



Pitch Event FAQs

Can you explain what the Influencer Pitch Event is and how it operates? What can attendees and exhibitors expect from this unique event?

The Influencer Pitch Event is an exciting opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their travel goods products to a curated group of influential social media influencers and travel bloggers. During this event, exhibitors present their products, innovations, or brand stories to influencers who can potentially feature them in their content. Attendees can expect a structured format where exhibitors make short pitches to capture influencers' interest and establish collaborations.

Can you provide information about the influencers attending the Influencer Pitch Event? Are they from specific niches or have particular followings?

The influencers attending the Pitch Event vary in niche and following size, covering a broad spectrum of travel-related topics. These influencers are carefully selected based on their relevance to the travel goods industry and their engagement with diverse audiences. The event aims to connect exhibitors with influencers who align with their products or brand values for potential collaborations.

I'm an exhibitor interested in participating in the Influencer Pitch Event. What steps do I need to take to be part of this event, and are there any associated costs?

Exhibitors typically have the opportunity to participate in the Influencer Pitch Event as part of their overall booth package.

As an exhibitor, what are the potential benefits of participating in the Influencer Pitch Event? How can this event help my brand gain exposure and collaborations with influencers?

The Influencer Pitch Event provides exhibitors with a unique platform to introduce their products to influencers who have the potential to feature them in their content, such as travel blogs, social media posts, and videos. By participating, exhibitors can increase brand visibility, expand their reach to new audiences, and build partnerships with influential figures in the travel industry. This event serves as a valuable opportunity to connect exhibitors with content creators who align with their brand and can contribute to their marketing efforts.