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Pitch Events

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Don't miss this chance to enhance your company's visibility, increase product visibility, and seize opportunities to connect with industry influencers and decision-makers.


Retail Buyers, Influencers, Press, and other non-Manufacturing Attendees may attend and check out what's new.


Take center stage and showcase your new product, and innovation to a panel of influential industry professionals, buyers, and influencers.

If you have any interest in participating in the Pitch Event at the 2024 Show, please submit an application here.



Pitch Event FAQs

Can you explain what the New Pitch Event at the Travel Goods Show is all about?

The New Pitch Event is an exciting addition to the Travel Goods Show that allows innovative companies to showcase their latest travel-related products and concepts. It's an opportunity for exhibitors to present their innovations to a panel of industry experts, influencers, media, and potential investors in a dynamic and competitive setting.

How can my company participate in the New Pitch Event at the Travel Goods Show?

Slots are typically limited, so early registration is encouraged. To participate in the New Pitch Event, select a booth package that ininudes this benefit, or use the application on this page to apply.

What advantages does my company gain from taking part in the New Pitch Event?

The New Pitch Event offers a platform for companies to gain significant visibility within the travel goods industry. By presenting your innovative products or ideas, you can attract attention from industry experts, influencers, media outlets, and potential investors. It's a chance to receive feedback, generate interest, and potentially secure partnerships or funding for your innovations.

Is the New Pitch Event open to all exhibiting companies at the Travel Goods Show?

The New Pitch Event is typically open to exhibitors, but specific eligibility criteria and participation details may be outlined in the event registration. While it is designed to showcase innovation, exhibitors should watch for updates on eligibility and registration to ensure they meet the requirements for participation.