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We're thrilled to introduce a dynamic opportunity for exhibitors to connect with influential podcasters with BIG FOLLOWING who wield tremendous influence about consumer behavior.

Shape your business strategies, refine your product offerings, and adapt to changing market dynamics. The information and ideas shared during these sessions can serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth within your organization.


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Influencer Panel Event FAQs

What Is the Influencer Panel Event, and Who Are the Featured Influencers?

The Influencer Panel Event is a dynamic discussion at the Travel Goods Show featuring prominent social media influencers, travel bloggers, and industry thought leaders. These influencers are experts in their fields and will share insights, trends, and strategies related to the travel goods industry. The event covers a range of topics, from travel product trends to effective influencer collaborations. Stay tuned for updates on featured influencers and specific discussion topics.

I'm interested in attending the Influencer Panel Event. Is there a separate registration process for this event, and what is the cost of admission?

Attendance at the Influencer Panel Event is often included as part of your registration for the Travel Goods Show. There is no additional cost to attend this insightful discussion, however, gifts may be given to a limited number of attendees who register before the Show and attend the panel. Walk-ins during the Show are welcome, so be sure to check your registration details for confirmation of event access, and arrive early to secure a seat as these sessions can be quite popular.

Can attendees engage with the influencers during or after the Influencer Panel Event? Will there be networking opportunities to connect with these industry experts?

Yes, there are often opportunities for attendees to interact with the influencers. Some events may include Q&A sessions where you can ask questions directly to the panelists. Additionally, you might have the chance to connect with influencers after the event during networking sessions.

I'm an exhibitor at the Travel Goods Show and interested in collaborating with the influencers featured in the Influencer Panel Event. Is there a way to explore potential partnerships, and how can I connect with these influencers?

Exhibitors often have opportunities to explore collaborations with the influencers featured in the panel. You can connect with them during networking sessions, and many influencers are open to discussing potential partnerships. It's essential to have clear collaboration ideas and be prepared to share your brand or product details. Building relationships with influencers often begins with effective communication during and after the event.