Influencer Luncheon

Connect with some of the biggest social media influencers in the travel industry!

These influencers have built loyal followings and possess the ability to sway consumer decisions through their authentic recommendations and engaging content. Present your brand, products, and innovations directly to these influential individuals and build valuable connections.


Directly interact with influential figures in the travel and social media world


Extends your reach far beyond the event itself, potentially attracting new customers, partners, or collaborators


Gain firsthand insights into the latest market shifts, consumer preferences, and disruptive technologies

If you have any interest in participating in the Influencer Luncheon at the 2024 Show, please submit an application here.



Influencer Luncheon FAQs

Is this opportunity available for everyone in attendance (Exhibitors and Attendees)?

Yes, sort of. This is a member benefit that the TGA will host and currate. Although this will be an event at the Show, this benefit will be offered to all TGA members throughout the year.

Can you provide details about the Influencer Luncheon at the Travel Goods Show? Who are the attendees, and how can I participate?

The Influencer Luncheon is an exclusive event where travel goods industry influencers, social media personalities, and content creators gather to connect with exhibitors and explore new products. Attendees typically include influencers with a significant online following, travel goods exhibitors, and industry professionals. To participate, you need to be an exhibitor and sign up for appropriate booth packages.

As an exhibitor, how can I leverage the Influencer Luncheon to benefit my brand and products?

The Influencer Luncheon provides exhibitors with a unique opportunity to connect with social media influencers who can help promote their products to a broader audience. By participating in this event, you can showcase your travel goods items to influencers who have the potential to feature them on their platforms. This exposure can significantly boost brand visibility and generate valuable marketing content.

I've met influencers at the Influencer Luncheon and would like to continue building relationships with them. What are the best ways to connect with influencers after the Travel Goods Show?

Many influencers are open to partnerships and collaborations, so reaching out with your ideas and proposals can be a great way to start meaningful connections beyond the event.