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Retail Shop Directory: Revolutionizing the Retail Industry with Fairness and Equality

RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY: Revolutionizing the Retail Industry with Fairness and Equality

Press Release- Sedro Woolley, WA, 12/04/2023 -


Small businesses have always been the lifeblood of our economy, driving innovation and providing employment opportunities. However, they often face challenges in gaining exposure and competing against larger companies with more resources. That's where RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY comes in – a game-changing platform that levels the playing field and promotes equality in the retail industry.

RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY understands the struggles faced by small businesses, especially during these challenging times. With this understanding, they have developed a comprehensive platform that offers small businesses a free listing and equal exposure, regardless of their size or financial resources. We encourage all independent travel goods retailers and travel service providers to join the RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY and list their business. Unlike other directory platforms, RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY's ranking system is solely based on search keywords and filtering features, ensuring that all businesses have control over their exposure.

But RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY is more than just a directory website – it is a community that values fairness and equality for all. The platform offers an extensive selection of products and services from various local establishments such as boutiques, farmers, restaurants, contractors, realtors, lenders, cafes, salons, attorneys, dentists, veterinary clinics, life coaches, daycares, and more. With a user-friendly interface and a plethora of features including pictures, videos, filters, and comprehensive information, this platform offers users a convenient one-stop solution for all their needs.

By choosing to support small businesses through RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY, consumers not only benefit the business owners but also contribute to the growth of the entire community. Each purchase made through the platform helps create a more inclusive and diverse economy, where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY sustains its platform through donations (GoFundMe) rather than sponsorships. Their goal is not driven by profit, but instead, the funds are utilized to cover operational expenses and invest in advertising to raise awareness and attract more consumers to the platform.

Join the retail revolution and support small businesses with the RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY. Together, we can make a difference and create a better tomorrow for all. Visit their platform today and experience the power of fairness and equality in the retail industry.


RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY is a groundbreaking platform that promotes fairness and equality in the retail industry. With a comprehensive range of products and services from local businesses, RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY offers consumers the opportunity to support small businesses and contribute to the growth of a more inclusive economy. Visit their platform today and be a part of the retail revolution.

Attention all small businesses! Join our community and be a part of this transformative change. Together, we can establish a business ecosystem that values fairness and transcends greed, creating a positive impact today while shaping a promising future. To join or support RETAIL SHOP DIRECTORY and new B2B site WHOLESALE SUPPLIER HUB, contact Sunchea Phou (founder) Cell: 206-852-8589, Email:

About Sunchea Phou:

Travel goods industry entrepreneur and philanthropist Sunchea Phou is the founder of YAY NOVELTY and the recipient of the Travel Goods Show Community Service Award. Sunchea is a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide.  At seven Sunchea fled Cambodia to a Thai refugee camp where she lived for almost five years before emigrating to Montreal. Sunchea went on to study fashion engineering, working for brands like REI, Eddie Bauer and Nike and designing Superbowl uniforms for the NFL and a heart-monitoring harness for NASA. Shortly after completing the NFL project, Sunchea set up her own company, YAY NOVELTY, a lifestyle brand that funds her philanthropic efforts in Cambodia. YaY, in YAY NOVELTY, stands for" Why and Why," as in Why the company exists, and Why the products exist. The former provides resources for Cambodians through the YaYFoundation. The latter seamlessly blends elements of fun, functionality, wellness, quality, sustainability, and affordability.

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