Travel Gifts for the Foodie Frequent Flyer

Travel Gifts for the Foodie Frequent Flyer

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This holiday season, delight the traveling food snob in your life with these seven travel gifts for the foodie frequent flyer. Your gift recipient may be the coffee fiend who’s a bear before their bespoke morning fix, the discerning mixologist, the world traveling foodie chasing Michelin stars, or the local food aficionado.

Whether your loved one is a true explorer or simply an armchair traveler, Anthony Bourdain’s “World Travel – an Irreverent Guide” is a poignant and fascinating book that offers a unique peek into the food and culture of countries around the globe. It also contains basic travel information and restaurant recommendations. This book is great for dreamers and schemers, opening eyes to the world of travel possibilities. Hardcover $25.99, Paperback $22.00 

World Travel an Irreverent Guide Anthony Bourdain

Coffee and tea fanatics are a different breed, set in their ways and adamant that their way is the best way. Even when staying in hotels, these great items deliver great tea or coffee, just the way they like it.

While you can heat water for coffee or tea in your in-room coffee maker, it is never quite hot enough — and always retains that flavor of crappy coffee. The collapsible silicone Loutytuo travel kettle folds into a nifty 6.69" x 5.2" x 5.47" carrying case and heats nearly 2.5 cups of water in just 3-5 minutes. $45.89


Of course, once the water is boiled a vessel is needed to create the coffee. Happily, it’s your father’s (grandfather’s?) Stanley brand to the rescue! Whether your coffee lover’s style is a simple pour-over, or the European-style French press is the only option, Stanley’s Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set is made with a stainless steel cone so there is no need for paper filters. It even comes with an adult sippy-cup lid so you can safely take your coffee on the go. $45.00/set

Stanley's Classic Perfect Brew Pour Over

Stanley’s beautiful French press comes in two sizes, the personal 16 oz Classic Travel Mug French Press and the 48 oz Classic Stay Hot French Press, perfect for both home and travel. $36.00 16 oz travel mug; $70.00 48 oz classic carafe 

Stanley 16 oz Classic Travel Mug French PressStanley 48 oz Classic Stay Hot French Press

The traditional picnic basket might be a thing of the past, but the foodie on-the-go can now travel with a picnic backpack. The Sunflora Picnic Backpack has all the great features of the old-timey baskets: plates, cutlery, napkins, glassware, knife, cutting board, corkscrew, and a place to store both a bottle of wine and a picnic blanket – plus backpack straps! This gift is ideal for the world traveler who likes to grab a bottle of wine and a selection of regional delicacies before boarding the train for the next world capital, or the friend who packs an Instagram-worthy picnic spread for their festival weekend. $80.00 on Amazon

Travel Gifts for the Foodie Frequent Flyer Sunflora Picnic Basket

The cocktail suitcase is a delightful and quirky surprise for your favorite traveling mixologist. Whether your loved one is searching for the most delicious tequila on Mexico’s Ruta de Tequila, trekking the Scottish Highlands in search of that perfect Scotch Whisky blend of smoke and peat, or hitting the small Bourbon distilleries of Kentucky, the Jillmo Travel Bartender Kit is sure to be a big hit! There are classier, more expensive versions, but this is one of the few with space for full-size bottles. $127.49/backpack set

Jilmo Travel Bartender KIt

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