Securing GSP Renewal: A Vital Update from the TGA Board Chair

Securing GSP Renewal: A Vital Update from the TGA Board Chair

Josh Cross Josh Cross
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Dear Travel Goods Association Members,

Recently, on behalf of the Travel Goods Association, representatives with the TGA and our Board Chair, Josh Cross, traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in Lobby Days, hosted by the Coalition for GSP.  This event was the most substantial gathering for GSP of its kind to date, underscoring our steadfast dedication and importance for the renewal of GSP.

During the Lobby Days event, the collective force of nearly 100 impassioned GSP advocates converged on Capital Hill, uniting to engage with over 115 House and Senate offices. Their mission was resolute - to fervently champion the cause of GSP renewal right away.

Some of the companies, associations, and organization representing our industry included: Travel Goods Association, VF Corp, Samsonite, Baggallini, Sutton Home Fashions, Sherpani, Under Armor, AAFA, NRF, Hobo Bags, Delsey, Luggage Shop of Lubbock, Panasonic, GAP, The Container Store, and more.

In our unwavering pursuit, we became part of an extraordinary demonstration of unity, a powerful representation of our industry and business interests on the national stage.

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) stands as the United States' oldest initiative aimed at fostering trade and development with low-and middle-income countries. Originating in 1974, the GSP program facilitates the elimination of tariffs on nearly 3,400 products from 120 developing nations, thereby incentivizing American companies to engage in increased trade with these qualifying countries. Yet, regardless of overwhelming bipartisan support for the program, the GSP authorization expired on December 31, 2020.

The GSP lapse alone has already extracted a staggering cost, eclipsing $3.2 billion in losses for American companies through April 2023— an astounding $3-4 milli

on per day. The ramifications for organizations financial stability and competitive standing are significant and unsustainable. The time to act is now.

We fervently urge your active participation, as it is pivotal to our collective advocacy. We implore you to reach out to your elected representatives, passionately articulating your unwavering support for GSP renewal.  Make them aware that, "I am one of your constituents, employing x number of workers in your state. If GSP is reinstated, I project we could reduce prices and generate x new job opportunities."

Your valuable contributions to our advocacy initiatives possess the power to effect profound change. This crucial step can be taken by reaching out to your elected representatives through this link: Contact Congress.

Finally, as we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate bolstering our presence at the forthcoming Lobby Days in April 2024, and we're reaching out to you for your invaluable support.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Nate Herman ( for his unwavering dedication to the Travel Goods Association and leading these efforts.  Please let us know how we can keep you informed with our efforts in bringing meaningful change and relief for the travel goods industry.

Josh Cross
Travel Goods Association | Board Chair

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