Hush Trip Travel Gear

Hush Trip Travel Gear

Sara Ecclesine Sara Ecclesine
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We've curated a collection of the best tips - and the best hush trip travel gear - to pull off a secret workation at a tourist destination. 

The popularity of remote work and the post-pandemic travel boom have created a new travel craze: hush trips. Employees, contractors and freelancers are secretly working from vacation destinations. The majority of Americans (56%) say they are very likely to take a hush trip. And 36% of Gen X and Millennials have already planned a hush trip this year.

Unsurprisingly, travel goods professionals are old pros at this new trend. We polled our travel insiders and manufacturers and came up with a baker’s dozen products, and even more remote work hacks, for pulling off a successful location deception.

Your Mobile Office

Appearing office-ready when you’re on the road means being able to make a presentation or take a Zoom call at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re on a layover, in your Airbnb, or poolside at a resort, you need a cyber-safe power source and Wi-Fi, an emergency desk, and enough water and snacks to survive a long board meeting.

Remote work can’t happen if your devices don’t have power, and the industry experts we spoke to emphasize setting up redundant systems. Bring extra charging cables. Bring both your Bluetooth and wired headsets. And if your phone has ever died during an important conversation, you know the value of bringing your own power source. Porting a personal power bank and/or always charging your phone with your own cables is also recommended by the FCC in this 2023 advisory on juice jacking (installing malware on your device through a public USB charging station). One secure and versatile personal power source: the Elios  18W multi-use Solar Panel, providing your own power off the grid, anywhere. It can be used as a stand-alone charger, or can charge one of the GoPlug Smart Power Series power banks.

Once your devices are charged, the remote workers we polled agree -- the key to a successful hush trip is seamless connectivity. Their advice? As with power, remember the Navy Seal adage two is one and one is none and always have a Wi-Fi and cellular backup plan. Scan this list of remote locations with internet access, or pour over Airbnb reviews to find out if a rental has consistent internet. Use your hotel status for free high-speed Wi-Fi and make sure you can turn your phone into a hotspot. And as a backup, consider buying your own international hotspot. the Solis Lite  offers you both the security of using your own Wi-Fi as well as their optional VPN service. “Solis is the first-ever palm-size global mobile Wi-Fi hot spot that gives better signals and faster internet access,” said Eva Bowen, PR Manager for Solis. “You can easily have global Wi-fi in 135+ counties, with no SIM cards needed.”

Your hush trip work may happen in the hotel business center, a local coworking space, or the privacy of your Airbnb. But it can also take place during a travel day. Holly Bennett, media relations manager for Avana, advocates the romance (and time efficiency) of typing while traveling on trains and buses. “Some of these offer Wi-Fi, but typically the connection isn’t very good,” said Bennett. “I have an iPhone with dual SIM capacity and hotspot as needed. I use the e-SIM for my US number, and I purchase a local SIM card (which is typically inexpensive) wherever I travel.” If you need to take a meeting during a travel day, the portable, clip-on goDesk lets you set up your laptop and coffee on your rolling luggage and pull together a proposal or jump on a Zoom call. "Doing deals, making connections, and simply getting caught up, is all happening remotely today,” said Logan Distefano, director of marketing and brand strategy at goDesk. “goDesk affords the on-the-go individual the ability to get this work done from virtually anywhere –whether your boss knows it or not!"

And don’t forget to plan for drinks and snacks to fuel all this productivity. When you’re away from your watercooler, office minifridge, or kitchen, fuel your longest virtual board meeting with the Avana BECKRIDGE 32 oz bottle. Satisfy your thirst while typing or mousing with one-handed Avana FreeSip® Technology, which lets you sip with the bottle held upright or tilt back for a big swig.

Port Your Tech

Hush travel means planning a day of sightseeing and adventures, with both planned and spontaneous windows of work communications. Bennett describes her ideal summer schedule: “wake up early and work from 7 to 10 am; take a break to stand-up paddle, hang at the beach, and eat lunch; then work again from 3 to 8 pm before having dinner.” When you can schedule your meetings ahead of time, this international meeting planner is a great resource for viewing and planning across multiple time zones. “I constantly consult the World Clock feature in the iPhone clock app,” said Bennett, “I keep time for every location where I have colleagues, friends, and family.” And if you want to play while your time zone overlaps with your employer’s workday, you’ll need to safely port your tech, so you can reply at a moment’s notice.

Plan to carry your laptop in your beach bag? Then you need to pack the Matador Laptop Base Layer, a lightweight, waterproof, protective case for laptops 16” and smaller. “Nothing would ruin your hush trip like having your laptop fall in the water while you’re lounging by the pool or beach," said Annekë Efinger Senior PR Account Manager for Matador.

Even worse than a jostled or wet laptop? A missing one. The lightweight, roomy Sherpani Soleil day bag offers comprehensive anti-theft features, allowing you to safely port your tech when you’re visiting a vacation destination. “Dining on an outdoor patio? That’s where the chair loop lock comes into play, an easy-to-use system that secures the bag to a chair,” said Tess Victoria, Organic Marketing Coordinator at Sherpani. The external pockets of the Soleil AT also have locking zippers to protect against pickpockets, and the bag features a ReturnMe tag and RFID protection.
Sometimes all you need to stay in touch is your phone, especially if you’ve preinstalled apps like OneDrive and Microsoft 365 (Office) to easily access all your work files in the cloud. The Pelican Marine Waterproof floating pouch is the phone equivalent of the Matador Base Layer. The clear window allows touch screen accessibility so that your phone can stay safe and dry while you take care of business – even in the harshest conditions.

For an on-trend alternative, the Save the Girls Clip and Go is a versatile crossbody shoulder strap that keeps your phone close at hand. “I recently went on a cruise and let me tell you, the Clip and Go was a life saver,” said Elizabeth Lange, marketing director of Save the Girls. “Though on vacation, I had to keep a pulse on the business and having my phone easily accessible was key! When I came back from the trip I didn't have to play catch up because I had been able to be in both places at once, digitally.”

If you leave your laptop in your hotel room, also consider this suggestion from Lange. “My favorite Hush Trip tip is that my friend bought a mouse mover on Amazon,” said Lange. “It just sits there and moves her mouse every now and then, so it looks like she is active and online. Freaking genius, makes me laugh every time!”

Zoom and Vacay Ready

Planning an all work and all play vacay? Sam Hafif, CEO of Team Ful/Concept One has these tips for (stealthily) blending family and vacation time with your remote workday. “Book a trip at a resort with activities for your family to enjoy during the day,” said Hafif, “and plan your hush trip for the summer when the days are longer so you can explore in the daylight post-work.” Get into work mode by booking a hotel room with a workspace in the room and a business center. Or find a hotel that is close to a coworking space. And shop for a hush trip travel bags that have room for both Zoom and vacation wardrobe – or go minimalist and pack clothes that do double duty.

Large enough to fit a week or more of your essentials, including Zoom-ready tops, “the Ful Escape Collection Pathfinder 32-inch 8 wheel rolling spinner duffle is the perfect bag for a hush trip,” said Hafif. The Pathfinder packs like a traditional duffle, with a dual section design that can be unzipped to create one roomy compartment.

Besides Zoom-ready tops, bleisure expert Hafif has another great tip for an undetectable Zoom location transition: several weeks before your trip, set up a blurred background on your Zoom or create a Zoom background with your company’s logo. It’s professional and stealthy! 

The Solo Re:serve Expandable Check-In Spinner also offers maximum space for work clothing and vacation shopping. The large interior zippered pocket protects your daytime Zoom-worthy work outfits, and the 2” expansion capacity will fit all the treasures you find at night markets and weekend bazaars. The R:serve is part of the Re:cycled Collection, with an ABS plastic shell made from recycled household appliances and automobile parts. So your luggage choice can help control your globe-trotting carbon footprint.

If you’re a packing minimalist, The Journey modular 5-in-1 backpack by Idea Mountain emphasizes out-of-the-box organization and versatility. "The best way to get away with playing while working (or is it working while playing?) is to be ready for business at a moment's notice,” said Tys Sniffen, founder of Idea Mountain.  “By using the same bag system and organization that you use every day of the year, you won't have to fumble around, forget something, or look out-of-sorts when on that quick get-away.”

Will your day of urban exploration be interrupted by work meetings? The Gym Duffel 3 seems custom-made to help hush trippers jump between vacation and work activities. Unpack your Zoom-ready outfit from the Aer Gym Duffel 3, stash your sweaty clothes in its ventilated, antibacterial main compartment and shoe compartment, and then grab your tech out of the laptop pocket and quick access back pocket.

When you need to ensure a professional appearance, pair your favorite checked bag or duffle with the overhead-bin compliant Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag. Anti-wrinkle technology guarantees you stay Zoom ready on vacation. And the thoughtfully designed interior includes built-in pockets for folded clothes, undergarments, and accessories.

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